News Bites: NBC Loses but Shaun White Wins, Robber Escapes Court Room, Cairo’s Impotence, The Zeus Compromise, The Dream’s “Love King”

NBC hopes the Winter Olympics, where red-haired snowboarder Shaun White just won the gold for the half-pipe competition, will capture more viewers for the channel. We’re thinking no. [Reuters]

Peter Blake, allegedly responsible for stealing £1.7 million from Heathrow airport in 2004, walked out of his trial yesterday and is now on the run. Really guys? [Guardian]

Cario’s going hard…by telling men that smoking will lead to impotence. Egyptian men clutch their “pearls.” [GlobalPost]

Is your computer working? Are you sure “the Zeus Compromise” international hack may have gotten you. [Fox]

+ The Dream’s new single “Love King” link [MissInfo]



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