News Bites: Oscar Nods, He Did Start the Fire?, Russia’s Surprise Protest, Mexico Tackles Twitter

Oscar noms are out, “Avatar” and “Hurt Locker” made it to the top. Any faves ladies? [Google]

We didn’t start the fire. I had to say that. A guy who saved a bunch of people from a fire in Brooklyn, is now in custody for possibly starting the blaze. Smh. [NYT]

10-12,000 Russians took to the streets over the weekend, demanding the governor  of step down. Apparently the Kremlin was shocked. We say they must’ve been really p.o.’d because if it’s 20 degrees in NYC, it’s sub-zero in Russia… [Guardian]

China much? In the on-going fight down in Mexico, the government is considering clamping down on Twitter because people are using the social networking site to avoid drunk checkpoints…and possibly the DEA. But when does personal freedom trump the government? [GlobalPost]


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