NewsBites: Alexander McQueen Dies, Why Haiti STILL Matters, Charlie Wilson Dies But Afghanistan Goes On, Lady Gaga, Valentine’s Day Ideas

Alexander McQueen was found dead at 40 years old. You never know what folks are going through. [Guardian]

Why Haiti Matters: “after the slave uprising that brought Haiti independence, the US helped force Haiti to pay 150 million francs to France as reparations to Haitian slave-owners for their loss of property.  That act and its repercussions merit a detailed description because the mechanics of them reveal how poverty is created.  Since Haiti’s former slaves didn’t have money to pay the reparations, they had no choice but to take out giant loans from American, German, and French banks.[i] Haiti’s “debt” to France was so great that it took nearly a century and a half to pay – and contributed to a century and a half of Haitian poverty.” [Racialicious]

The real former Texas Congressman Charlie Wilson, responsible for helping Afghanistan free themselves of Russia’s grip and arming them, died yesterday. Now,  the war in Afghanistan rolls on. Don’t understand? Rent the movie, it’s good. [GlobalPost]

I just like Lady Gaga’s outfit… [Jezebel]

Valentine’s Day is this weekend, here are a few GOOD frugal ideas. [WalletPop]

Today’s theme song: [podcast][/podcast]

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