NewsBites: Old Spice Jokes, AIDS Vaccine, Alicia Keys Tour Dates, Cambodia’s Diane Feinstein, Mali = Al Qaeda?, New Vampire Weekend Clip

My boyfriend showed me this commercial last week and I loved it. Go on, brighten your day. [OldSpice]

Scientists say a regiment of drugs could possibly phase out AIDS. You read that right. [Guardian]

If you like Alicia Keys – I gave her album another listen this weekend and enjoyed it…-here are her tour dates. [MTV]

Meet Mu Sochua, Cambodia’s political powerhouse on her way to re-election in the country’s Parliment. [NYT]

Mali could be the next hotbed for Al Qaeda? [GlobalPost]

UK PM Gordon Brown is a meanie, especially if you work at 10 Downing street. [Guardian]

Vampire Weekend’s new video with tennis and Rza? We approve.  [Stereogum]

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