NewsBites: Saints Win, Super Bowl Full Misogynistic Ads?, Indian Farmer Suicides, Conan O’Brien to Fox, UNacceptance at England University

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Despite the Saints winning the 2010 Superbowl, let’s be honest, you went to that party for the commercials and the free chicken. And while we don’t have any wings left over, we DID save our favorite commercials after the jump. “Two things you don’t touch…my mama and my Doritos.” [SuperbowlAds]

Only problem…apparently many of the ads were misogynistic? “Is it me, or was this year’s dose of casual misogyny a little rawer and angrier than usual? Are men feeling especially threatened by the fragile economy and by the fact that the vast majority of job losses have afflicted traditionally male, working-class strongholds like manufacturing and construction?” [Slate]

Due to failing crops and looming debt, a rash of farmers in Indian farmers have committed suicide, leaving behind wives and children. Sounds like the mad cow epidemic in England and France, with farmers crying on TV. Heartbreaking. [GlobalPost]

Looks like Coco’s going to FOX. [TheWrap]

Remember when your parents told you college was the next step? Not in the U.K. Hundreds of thousands of potential students will be left out, some say enrollment has risen because of the recession. [Guardian]

ps. Listen to Erykah’s Jam “Window Seat” if you haven’t already…[podcast][/podcast]

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