NewsBites: Sweet Sadie the Terrier, Walgreens Buys Duane Reade, The Brits!, Taliban Using Human Shields, French Burqa Ban

Scottish Terrier Sadie wins the Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show trophy. Cute, she even “appeared” on “The View” today, at the beginning because she was booked. LOLZ. [Bloomberg]

Walgreens, the drug store where American moms purchased $1 ice cream cones for their kids in the ’80s, made a power move and bought competitor Duane Reade for$618 million, + $457 mill in debt. Do I still get Chase atms in each location? [WSJ]

The Brits! A Rundown…+Lady Gaga’s garment mishap during her McQueen dedication[NSFW] [Guardian]

The Taliban in Afghanistan are using ‘Human Shields’ in battle and it’s just what you think the term means. hell = handbasket. [BBC]

With a Muslim population around 5 million, should the French really ban the burqa? [GlobalPost]

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