NewsBites: US Pres Obama Contines The Healthcare Debate w/ Republicans, Kanye & Jay-Z Lead the Backpack Revolution, Gay Marriage Recognized in Maryland…For Now, Cambodia’s The New BK, Octomom on “The View”, Shamu Attacks Trainer

US President Obama continues his fight for bipartisan friendliness and universal health care today with the health care summit. [Guardian]

Kanye and Jay-Z are leading the backpack revolution…[BagSnob]

State agencies in Maryland are recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states…until the courts decide otherwise. [NYT]

Cambodia is the new Fort Greene Brooklyn! The rapidly developing country is pushes out it’s poor to make room for new developments. [GlobalPost]

Octomom was on “The View” & apparently she cackled like a crazy person…[D-Listed]

Shamu the whale attacks trainer – like literally tosses the trainer from side to side in its mouth – at Sea World. [MSNBC]


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