Graf girl and designer Claw Money, check her Spring line [Hearty]

RIP poetess Lucille Clifton [small.medium.large]

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So when are studs too much? Peep Rihanna’s Givenchy tote…we likes but would we in, say, 12 months? [BagSnob]

As if Fashion Week’s constant stream of fur wasn’t enough for PETA, now leather’s on the rise. Pick up, the 80s are calling and we say “HELLO!” [Fashionista]

Why must US White House Social Sec Desiree Rogers step down? The Republicans [ChiSunTimes]

#Jewishrapnames FTW [SmokingSection]

We love Curren$y Spitta and Miss Info. That is all. [MissInfo]

Our uncle Bun B cosigns new-ish MC Frenchie Montana [VIBE]

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Ryan Leslie’s “When I think about Love” [Herfection]


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