PLR Links!

Luda x Nicki Minaj “My Chick Bad”[podcast][/podcast] [SmokingSection]

How to survive that j.o. interview with flying colors. [HoneyMag]

Free Goodie Mob tickets for the DC ladies? [UHTN]

Remember those Ghostface t-shirts? Blame Ray Mate. [HeartyMag]

DJ Sarah Love! [AfriPop!]

We watched the bootleg of Youth In Revolt this weekend, iEnjoyed. [Guardian]

The day Beyonce tried to be a real person. [Clutch]

Rodarte looks like an ameoba? Hm… [Nitrolicious]

If you think Snooki’s ridiculous, peep what Seaside looked like in the 1990’s. *fistpump* [ATribeCalledNext]

It’s a band-aid clutch! [BagSnob]

Sofie Vergara on her style. Go “Modern Family”! So funny, that show. [Latina]

Rihanna + others = Pepsi Super Bowl Jam [herfection]

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