Super Bowling…An Explanation


*Hello ladies, this column will now stop you from wondering just what everyone is talking about regarding the Superbowl this Sunday…and Saturday too. So fix up and read sharp!*

This Sunday, most of America will be tuned into their local CBS station to watch the culmination of the 2009 football season.

There may be some of you wondering what the big deal is about the two teams participating and what all the hype is about. So-with the edification of others in mind, a quick rundown on Super Bowl 44.

This year, the Indianapolis Colts will be playing the New Orleans Saints. A great matchup on paper, that as of week 13 was supposed to be the battle of the undefeated teams.

While both teams lost games at the end, this is still a great match up, and should prove to be highly entertaining.

The Colts, led by QB Peyton Manning, won the last Super Bowl played in Miami, 29-17 against the Chicago Bears.

These Saints are not those Bears-at all.

They have a real offense, and a QB that can go pass for pass with Manning in Drew Brees. They have an opportunistic defense that will capitalize on any mistakes the Colts make, even though they probably won’t make many.

As for the numbers, each team led their respective divisions during the regular season, and the Saints were the number one total offense in the NFL.

NO averaged 403 yards per game and just under 32 points per game. The Indy was seventh, averaging 363 yards per game and 26 points.

In the postseason, the Colts ranked fourth and the Saints ranked seventh, with each team shaving off yards, with the Saints going from 32 to 38 ppg, and the Colts going from 26 to 26 ppg.

The Saints seem to be the sentimental pick for the game, having galvanized a city that was virtually destroyed by Katrina, and going from “Aints” to Super Bowl contender in a really short period. People seem to love Drew Brees & Co. and want to see them win.

The Colts have a strong following too-due mainly to Peyton Manning’s commercial success.

The one guy I wouldn’t like to be? Archie Manning. He started for the Saints for eight years while they were terrible-and his son is starting against them. I’m sure his loyalty lies with family, but he’d probably like to see his old team win one as well.

It should be an exciting contest, whoever wins it. I just hope the commercials are up to snuff.

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