T.I. Buys Tiny a Porsche, Sets Album Date

On this edition of Hillary is nosey aka adventures in journalism, we present T.I.’s not real, but kinda, album date. This is what happens when you ask one camp ‘what’s up with T.I.’s album?’ Then you call someone else for confirmation...can you spot the careful wording?
Last night, T.I. hit the town with fiancee Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle for his first public outing in support of her Alzheimer’s research fundraiser entitled “For The Love of Our Fathers” at Atlanta’s Opera venue.
“I am very well, very happy to be seen,” said T.I. who joined Cottle on stage at the end of the benefit, according to the Atlanta Constitution-Journal.
When Tiny left her fundraiser,  TIP’s gift of a blue Porsche Panamera was parked out front. We’re doing something wrong in our lives…
T.I. is still serving out the remainder of his year-and-one-day sentence on a gun possession charge in an Georgia halfway house and recording tracks for his forth-coming album in a private studio.

Parlour chatted with T.I.’s manager and Grand Hustle record label partner Jason Geter to see when T.I.’s homecoming album is slated to hit shelves.

“We did a deal with the film studio Screen Gems for the movie “Takers” with T.I., both the album and the film are coming out at the end of the summer,” said Geter. “So, yeah, we have a release date.”

“Takers,” a film about a bank heist interrupted by a detective, stars Zoe Saldana, T.I., Chris Brown and Hayden Christensen among others and hits theaters on August 20th.

“As for producers, we’ve been working with DJ Toomp and Lil Cee, who’s one of our in-house Grand Hustle producers,” Geter told Parlour. “We worked with Danja, the Runners and we tried out some stuff with these new guys called the TrackSlayers. We’re actually working with alot of new guys, at this point, you don’t really chase names, it’s about the quality of the material. As for features, we did a track with The Dream and Trey Songz is on another hook.”

The Dream told Parlour that his collaboration with TIP “sounds great, he’s sounding beautiful. His spirit is really good.”

Regarding the direction of the album, Geter says the Atlanta MC is still figuring that out.

“There’s no theme as of yet,” says Geter, when asked what the songs sound like. “The sound is definitely not a bunch of samples.”

Thankfully, Geter also said not to expect any shoestring ‘I Just Came Home’ reality shows. Instead the camp would rather consider production opportunities where TIP isn’t on camera or set much.

In May 2009, Tip began his 366-day jail sentence stemming from his October 2007 firearms possession arrest, proceeded by more than 1000 hours of community service for much of 2008 and early 2009. Plus, the MC did that reality show, that actually wasn’t half bad, to help wayward youth. Still, T.I. has 500 more hours of community service to perform once he is released from the halfway house this year.

I wrote about this at MTV News too…


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