Tavi Hate, Cont’d

For the longest time, I’ve tried to figure out the fashion industry’s obsession with 13 year old Tavi Gevinson. She initially got attention by her daring ‘far beyond her time’ outfits, but as far as I can see– it ends there? I mean, she hasn’t even finished High School or a formalized writing class- so I’m not sure if people are looking at her as a fashion authority or credible writer? Somehow, she has become a media darling & is now flown around the world to take meetings with Marc Jacobs / Rodarte /Galliano & etc. It kind of upsets me when things like this happen- because published/accredited writers/media get pushed out of fashion week shows so they can accommodate people like this! Well, I guess my new hero Sarah Mower from The Telegraph feels the same way.  Check out what she has to say below!

“At the Dior show, trying to fight my way backstage to get a quote from John Galliano, I nearly fell over a tiny, grey-haired woman who, from the back, I took to be a septuagenarian Japanese fashion fanatic, as she was dressed head-to-toe in Comme des Garçons. When she was ushered into the inner sanctum before me, and turned around, I saw, with a sick lurch, that it was actually Tavi Gevinson…Had I not been so busy trying to attract Galliano’s attention, I would have asked Mr Gevinson why he thought it was right to take his daughter out of school to go to haute couture shows, where she would be treated like a celebrity by paparazzi? Or why he thought it OK for her to model for Pop and Love magazines last year?” Sarah Mower / The Telegraph

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