The Public Apology Must Die: Why We Still Like John Mayer But Not Tiger Woods

Not long ago, we wrote a post on why we still like John Mayer despite his ‘racist penis’ comments, however after Tiger Woods’ canned apology last Friday, we can’t say the same of the transgressing golfer. For one, Mayer’s comments were ignorant, yes, but at the core, the guitarist was expressing his sincere opinion, albeit in a questionable manner. Our readers even shared their comments and here are a couple that stood out:

“I actually didn’t catch the “n*gger” part (and he’s right about that), I just was caught up in his racist penis. I didn’t think it was a big deal – I just think some things need to stay in your head. I just don’t think he’s regarded as irreverent or funny enough to pull off a statement like that without a modicum of internetia up in arms…” (dnyree)

“I don’t believe that what Mayer said was in any way meant to insult black women. It’s a preference. And it appears to be one that he himself doesn’t understand when he says that he is going to start dating separately from his penis. I feel that because of the type of music John Mayer writes and performs, people expect him to be some kind of perfect, romantic, wholesome guy. He isn’t. Most people aren’t. And if you’ve ever seen the photos of him in his Borat-bathing suit, you wouldn’t think he takes himself so seriously.” (Valaura)

Then Mayer gave us some lame apology for using the “n” word and offending people. Go with it John, if you’re going to be a dick and end up too clever for your own good, then own it. You don’t see Bill Maher apologizing for only dating questionable black women or saying Jesus is a figment of our imaginations…This brings us to Tiger Woods’ apology for sleeping with innumerable women that were not his wife Elin, for which she may have — or not, according to Tiger — beat him with a golf club.

His showing on last Friday further proves that apologies are essentially shame grandstanding in American society. Who enjoys these orchestrations? It’s torture for the famous person giving the apology, it’s annoying to the public because we have to hear he or she rehash the ‘bad thing’ and the entire process is offensive because somehow this soliloquy is supposed to make it OK for me to buy the products he endorses.

Let me begin by saying, it should be none of my business who Tiger sleeps with and how many porn stars he’s impregnating. However, it becomes my business when you rely on the public’s familiarity with you to sell me products. For example, Tiger had commercials pitching everything from Buick’s to Nike and he cashed in on his popularity. However when the golfer gets caught for boinking blondie number one I’m not supposed to know who you are or care what you’re doing? That’s pretty convenient.

Still, the apology system here in America is such a farce [see Michael Vick, Kobe Bryant David Letterman] that I almost respect the person less for insincerely caving to the corporate giant that pushed them into the spotlight and forced them to acquiesce. Why does Tiger owe us an apology? We’re not his wife or children. If anything, like his speech writer told him to say, this matter should be kept between he and his wife, Elin.

When are we going to let people are ridiculous and leave it at that?

ps. The media actually thought Tiger should take questions are his shame speech? Really?


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