Another One Bites the Dust: White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers

Even as a minority in the Senate, the Republican party has a hold on this country. While the Democrats seek unity before action, the Republicans find ways – no matter how illegal or unpopular– of making things happen. It is no secret that after the crushing blow Presidential hopeful McCain suffered in the last election season, the GOP plans to come back valiantly in 2012. As they did in the Bush era, Republicans will continue to use distraction as strategy and brazenly cross the boundaries of hypocrisy. The Obama Administration – and not its policies – will serve as a scapegoat for the GOP agenda until someone finally calls their bluff.

This brings us to the departure of White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers, who has stepped down from her post following the Salahi gate-crashing debacle of the Obama’s first state dinner. Other than stating that she plans to return to corporate America, Rogers has remained relatively tight-lipped – barring this NYT piece — since the announcement, leaving many to speculate how someone so poised, powerful and well positioned could walk away from a role she was so excited about less than a year before.

Rogers was key in the tapestry of the Obama presentation – she was young, a Harvard MBA, and seemed to exude an effortless savvy that made her perfect for the role. A fashion icon within her own right, Rogers was present at Fashion Week shows, and had her own features in major magazines. Fashion editors loved the aesthetic she put into the stuffiness of the Washington circle.

Like Green Jobs Czar Van Jones before her, Rogers’ appointment within the administration was preceded with much interest and fanfare. Jones resigned from his position after controversy surrounding his alleged participation in a petition that claims the Bush White House was involved in the 9/11 attacks. Jones has said these allegations were a part of a smear campaign against him. And like Jones, Rogers’ was victim to the latest Washington witch-hunt. Though the Secret Service took responsibility for the state dinner debacle, the GOP wanted an Obama-affiliated scapegoat to attempt to prove the ineptitude of the Obama White House.

It’s taken very little balking from Republicans – and even the threat of filibuster in the halls of government – to get Democrats to relent. Conversely, Democrats have failed to take the GOP to task for anything – particularly its authorization of war crimes. Health care issues were at a stalemate because of an unreasonable Democratic quest for consensus. And while a version of the healthcare bill has passed, until Democrats understand that not everyone is going to get up from the table feeling satisfied, they are all in danger of being bullied out of their seats.

-Maya Francis


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