Down The Rabbit Hole

Image and video hosting by TinyPicEver feel like you’re living in an alternate universe? Like you took the wrong pill and woke up in The Matrix Bizzaro World, where people lend more brainpower to speculating on who will win the Academy Award for Best Picture than they do to whether or not an extension of unemployment benefits will be approved (it was last night, despite Republican Senator Bunning’s one-man filibuster)? Or you realized that Jerry Springer and Maury Povich are still filming shows (seriously, I thought those were all repeats from when I was in high school, until the hubby and I got stuck watching a truly awful episode of “Jerry” about “love” triangles yesterday)?
It’s this discombobulation that can sometimes make it difficult to care about what’s going on. I’m not talking about apathy rooted in laziness or ignorance, but rather an intermittent disenchantment with the system that can be damn near paralyzing. It’s the feeling that makes you delete the email from that grassroots advocacy group instead of signing the latest petition; the feeling that makes you throw your hands up on healthcare reform; the feeling that makes you think if everyone is really this stupid, then the system must be stupid, and fighting stupidheads will just make you look like a stupidhead.

I definitely have those days. Hell, just figuring out what to write about in this space can be an exercise in pushing myself to run right out of my own Forrest Gump-type leg braces. It’s hard to get excited enough about issues to write on them when I know that most folks won’t be moved to any type of action anyway. But I solider on like a good, um, soldier. So this week I’m challenging myself—and you—to take just one step towards the Bizarro World exit. Whether that means signing the petition to repeal the insurance company antitrust exemption, or joining me and contributing to healthcare reform-supporter Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter’s bid to challenge conservative democrat Blanche Lincoln for her senate seat, do something this week, no matter how stupid it might seem. Collectively, those steps to the left might just be enough to restore some order to this topsy-turvy universe.

What do you care about enough to fight for? The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? Healthcare reform? Getting Maury Povich’s Paternity Test Tuesdays off the air once and for all? Tell us about it, then go take a step.


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