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La Gran Nevada in Barcelona, aka The Crazy Snowstorm

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Barceloneta – Snow Day at the Beach

I moved to Barcelona to get away from freezing cold winters and hellish snowstorms but Mother Nature caught up to me anyway.

This winter in Spain has been particularly cold and last Monday there was a freakish snowstorm that paralyzed the city and other towns throughout Cataluyna. In itself, snowfall in Barcelona isn’t really that weird because its happened (though not since I’ve been here) before, but it was more the amount of snow that had everyone tripping… and I mean that literally. Most people didn’t take the snowfall warnings too seriously and come rush hour the streets were disaster. Major highways and avenues throughout the city hadn’t been plowed and for some bizarre reason stubborn commuters in cars decided that their little Smart Cars would plow through the snowy terrain. Instead, many had to abandon their rides in the middle of streets and head home or to the nearest metro station on foot. But, public transportation was also screwed.

Trains going to the outer suburbs were cancelled or running on delayed schedules. So, that resulted in subway trains that looked like moving sardine cans stuffed beyond capacity with passengers.

Still, I was extremely excited about the snowfall.

The inclement weather was beautiful and sent home the irritating construction workers that have been doing God-knows -what for the past six months on the building across the street. I was left to enjoy Mother Nature’s spectacle in peace. Lucky for me I am not currently commuting to the office nor do I live in one of the outer lying suburbs where the heavy snowfall toppled over electricity towers. A week later, there were still neighborhoods without warm running water or power. I only had to suffer through a week without cable TV (a necessity because regular Spanish TV programming is crap), telephone (not that big of a deal because who uses landlines at home anymore) and internet (that royally sucked).

I don’t know ladies but I think something is up. The earth has been quaking like crazy— Japan, Chile, Haiti and now this. Okay, not major on the scale of world natural disasters but there have been extreme weather conditions throughout the country screwing a lot of people out of their livelihood and their homes.

What do you think?

-Espana Fly

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