LOL! – Kat Stacks x Kid Fury

Usually we here at Parlour try to stay above the fray, but if you haven’t heard about Kat Stacks, she’s the new, less articulate Karrine “Superhead” Steffans. Ms. Stacks recently released a USTREAM video where she boasted sleeping with Lil Wayne for $1200, all of Lil Wayne’s rap camp, Young Money — minus Nicki Minaj we’re assuming? — through what had to be a drug/alcohol-induced daze. Then @MissInfo tweeted a link to @TheFury‘s breakdown of Ms. Stacks’ aforementioned clip, and we died. Literally. Why didn’t anyone tell us about him BEFORE! Watch him read ol’ girl after the jump. We all need ignorance sometimes. It’s healthy.

ps. we WILL add a smart girl analysis later we promise, but we’re too tired right now.

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