Mom is a Supermodel, I’m 330 Pounds: Zulekha’s Story

Being severely overweight has to have it’s sucky moments. Now imagine if your dad is an former Olympian and your mother is one of the most beautiful models in the world. Crazy right? That predicament is the true-life story of Zulekha Haywood, daughter of legendary supermodel Iman and former pro-basketball player Spencer Haywood. After a lifetime of dealing with her weight, she finally underwent gastric bypass surgery and started to shed the pounds, but she also had some mental work to do when it came to losing so much weight so fast. Her frankness about her body changes and social reactions is refreshing:
“It’s hard to explain how it feels to lose so much weight so fast. I tell my friends that it’s like becoming famous overnight—suddenly all eyes are on you. But there’s more to it than that. The difference between Stacked Zu and Slender Zu is like being a fluffy Angora cat and then suddenly being shaved. Being naked feels really naked now. I’m slender, but there are lots of folds and limpness where the voluptuousness used to be. No amount of clever lighting and push-up bras can disguise the fact that my breasts fall to my abdomen when I take off my bra, and men want to know why. The old me was unabashedly voluptuous and sexy, no explanations necessary.
When I was a size 26, men approached me. Now when I walk into a room, guys really pay attention. But the sad fact is that volume hasn’t improved the quality. Most of the men who talk to me now aren’t men I would consider. Recently, a guy at a jazz club was staring at me for so long, I had to ask him if we knew each other. He explained that he was trying “to get drunk enough to get up the courage to talk to you.” Sorry, but liquid courage is not what I’m looking for in a man. Like it or not, being 300-plus pounds weeded out some of the losers who were too superficial to approach me back then.”

Any major life change can be jarring, but going from a 26 to a size 6 in no time is enough to make anyone crazy, not to mention when both of your parents are known for their face and body. It would be interesting to hear Iman’s side of the story—did she feel a weird sense of responsibility to have a normal-sized daughter given her profession? Hmmm. Overall, Zulekha’s story just may be what some of you, or your friends, need to finally reach that body goal.  Read on and tell us what you think.

Imagine You Are The Daughter of A Supermodel {Glamour}

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