Monica Separates from Fiancé Rocko, Announces via Twitter

R&B singer Monica has parted ways with her fiancé of two years Rocko, who is also a rapper and the father of her two young children. Through her Twitter account @MonicaMyLife today (March 11), the singer said the following:

“Thank you everyone for all the love your sending. @Rocko4Real is a great father and we will continue to love and parent our children . The rest is a private matter between @Rocko4Real and I. He is a good person. We all make mistakes. Even seperated we will always be family. I say thank you again to you all and as I live and learn I grow. Don’t feel sorry for me just pray for me. God’s got it. Have a great day…Again thank you for the love..Now I am totally finished with the subject. Have a beautiful day. Don’t let dissapointment stop you from striving.”

The singer didn’t specify exactly what drove the pair apart, but clearly stated the relationship is over and the duo will continue to collectively raise their children.

While we’re sad that Monica’s relationship is over, we’re a bit more confused by how we got the information. Twitter? Weird. Next people will be releasing statements on folks’ death via the 140 character social networking site. Baby’s? The fact that they don’t talk to anyone directly anymore unless it involves typing? Hm…

Do you think ending a relationship via Twitter is odd too?


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