NewsBites: Guru in Hospital, Chile Steps Quake Relief, The Internet Makes Bad Jurors, Recession Teeth Grinding, Raising Racist Children, Dolce & Gabanna, Lady Gaga’s in High School, Ciara x The Dream, Cam x “Vintage”

Rapper Guru, who made my fave song “Ex To The Next,” suffered cardiac arrest and is in hospital. #getwellsoonloveparlour [AHH]
Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet steps up the quake relief, fortunately, the country suffered a massive earthquake in the 1960s which prepared the inhabitants for this recent disaster. [BBC]
Turns out there is something else bad about the innanets, too much information = bad jurors. [ NYT]

Are you grinding your teeth, it’s probably due to the recession. [Guardian]

How to raise racist children. [Racialicious]

The Winter Olympics are over, 2014 winter games in Sochi, Russia. Putin here we come. [LAT]

Dolce & Gabanna run-down. [Fashionista]

Lady Gaga’s high school photos [Prefix]

Ciara x The Dream “I’m Up in The Bank”[Download courtesy of UHTN]


Cam’Ron x “Vintage” [Download courtesy of UHTN]



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