NewsBites: Robin Thicke & T-Pain Do MJ “PYT” Remake, Cory Haim Found Dead, Move Over AIDS – Black Women Have a New Disease, Howard Stern Hate Precious, Prez Obama Lifts Needle Ban, Jon Stewart Dislikes Bush Speech Writer

Robin Thicke and T-Pain slated to remake Micheal Jackson’s “PYT” on an upcoming Quincy Jones project. No one knows why this is a good idea.  [YAHOO MUSIC]

Corey Haim, of Lost Boys, died of a drug overdose reportedly this morning (March 10). He was 38 years old. [MTV]

CDC says 48 percent of black women ages 14 to 49 have the virus that causes genital herpes. [THE ROOT]

Howard Stern slams Gabourey Sidibe [Huffington Post]
President Obama lifts 20-year ban on federal funding on needle exchanges. [THE NATION]
Jon Stewart butts heads with former Bush speechwriter. [GAWKER]

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