NewsBites: Sade, NYT Pro-Life?, T.I.’s Fellating Billboard, Mugabe at it Again, Guru Alive, Thom Yorke in Cambridge, Lil Wayne to Jail Today?

Sade is killin’ em at 1,000. Are we going to look like this when we’re 40-50 years old? *wipes sweat from brow* [BrownSista]

The NYT hates your baby? [Feministing]

T.I.’s clothing line AKOO erected a billboard a la Terry Richardson, depicting a young lady who appears to be about to,or just finished fellatio. The wholesome New Jersey residents aren’t happy. [NYM]

Zimbabwe…Mugabe is still alive and a mess. He’s enforced a new law that enriches his followers and robs regular Zimbabweans who’ve already suffered a food crisis, regime change and a cholera epidemic. *wonders how Mr. M is still alive* [GlobalPost]

Despite the crazy rumors of his death last night, DJ Premier says Guru finished his surgery yesterday successfully and is on the mend. [DJPremier]

Thom Yorke in Cambridge. [Stereogum]

Will Lil Wayne actually go to jail today? *dramatic soap opera music* [MTV]

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