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NewsBites: US Pres Obama’s Healthcare Bill Passes, Studded Hermes, Rihanna in the U.K., South Africa’s Massacre, Terry Richardson is Skeevy?, Kelis in NYC, Eyeliner Tips

Obama’s Healthcare Bill passes, but what’s he really losing? Before you ask, no the PUBLIC OPTION ISN’T INCLUDED in the bill. #justsayin [NYT]

We want this Hermes bag. [BagSnob]

Rihanna chatted with the UK’s Sunday magazine. [HeraldSun]

South Africa commemorates the Sharpeville Massacre, where police killed 21 protesters for voicing their opposition to apartheid. [BBC]

Terry Richardson responds to those pesky skeevy allegations, it’s not what you think… [Fashionista]

Kelis’s NYC “Acapella” performance. You know this is our jam. [MissInfo]

Beauty Tips! Do you suck at eyeliner too? I just learned at 27 years old. Don’t judge me. [Jezebel]

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