Oscar’s Recap 2010: Winners List, Our Tweets

Figured if you didn’t follow us on Twitter (just click on the right side of page to fix that =) or left your apartment before Cablevision turned your ABC back on, you can see what we said about Mo’Nique, Kat Bigelow and everyone else, like the lady at left who Kanye’d Best Doc Short director winner Roger Ross Williams’ acceptance speech. WHO WAS SHE!?! Enjoy!
wrestled the remote from PLR Grandaddy and now we’re watching the Red Carpet on E! Gabby Sidibe– she looks great… #oscars
Gabby wants to do SNL? #oscars

oooo, we’re a fan of J.Lo’s structured blush dress…throwback to Kate Hudson at Golden Globes. #oscars

Thx God we’re in LA for Oscar’s so we can watch it, lolz. #nyccablevisionwars

um, Kathy Ireland is mad awkward … so stiff. boo

ABC reporter to Sandra Bullock: “Starving looks good on you!” = what’s wrong with the world today.

Morgan Freeman’s daughter’s name is “Morgana”? LOLZ #oscars

J.Lo on choosing an Oscar dress: “Have to feel good in it, has to have the wow factor” @sickathanavg

Judgement Call: Oscar’s Red Carpet 2010 http://bit.ly/c7CYi3

The Oscar’s pre-show have put the PLR Grandaddy to sleep. LOLZ…

RT @Ms614: ABC failed with all these hosts except @SherriEShepherd ……[agreed, well the dude was alright, but kathy was sooooo stiff]

Check the Oscar’s Red Carpet looks! @shannboogie hates Zoe Saldana’s dress & @Hills_PARLOUR says Meryl is so classy: http://bit.ly/bQ3K51

Neil Patrick Harris opener…and now the hosts Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin have arrived…from the ceiling.

RT @santagati: At least Alec Baldwin still funny. #oscars [agreed]

we LOVE stanley tucci…who do you say will win best supporting actor?

we KNEW Christoph Waltz would win Best Supporting Actor for the mean German general in Inglorious Basterds…we knew it.

RT @Cruziiie: There is always next year, Tucci! 🙂 [we concur]

if you’re in NYC and have Cablevision, they’ve made nice with ABC & are airing the Oscar’s… #nyccablevisionwars

we want The Princess & the Frog to Best Animation win for obvs reason, but Fantastic Mr. Fox was pretty great

Best Animation: Up

Best Music: T Bone Burnett “Crazy Heart”

Best Script, we chose Quentin. dizang- wrong, lol. Best Writer: Hurt Locker

Why is Molly Ringwald at the Oscar’s? Ahhhhhh, the John Hughes dedication. #weapprove

“When you grow up, your heart dies” — John Hughes #greatline

why did we LOVE weird science, Ferris Bueller and Sixteen Candles? #raisedinthe80s

Macaulay Culkin grew up to be strange……add to that statement what you will.

Best Animated Short: Logorama

Best Doc Short: Music By Prudence

RT @santagati: Woah! She busted up his speech! On some fuck yo speech, African!-type shit. [totes, messy]

Best Action Short: The New Tenants

Ben Stiller in Avatar-face, smh

Why John Hughes Still Matters: http://bit.ly/9H8Osf

Best Make-up: Star Trek

we like Rachel McAdams’ dress…

Best Screenwriter: Precious x Geoffrey Fletcher

we’re late– didn’t know Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem were dating: http://bit.ly/8m7siB

Best Supporting Actress: Mo’Nique

WOW, Mo’Nique:  To the Academy, Thank you for showing it can be about the performance and not the politics

Mo’Nique: To my amazing husband Sidney, who told me you have to forgo whats popular to do what’s right, and baby you were so right…

why? we love breaking as much as the next but… #oscars #dancemontage

RT @murphdogg29: I wonder when Tyler Perry is going to come out?….[you and the rest of the world. NEVER. Luther anyone?]

Best Film Editing: The Hurt Locker

Anthony Mackie is at the Oscars!!! FTW!

…ok, Best Picture time…stop making us wait!

Best Actor in a Leading Role: Jeff Bridges (Go, Dude! #thebiglebowski)

Jeff Bridges is such a stoner, MAN, we love it…

Best Actress: Sandra Bullock. we’re sad…we wanted Gabby to win, but we’re torn. We like Sandra but when’s Gabby going to have another chance?

+ we knew they’d already sufficed the Precious quota, for Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress, but we’re still sad

Sandy Bullock: I want to thank the moms that take care of the babies no matter where they come from [word]

Babs Streisand- we vote no on this “going to tea” outfit. This is the Oscars, not Thursday with your girls!

Best Director: Kat Bigelow (“Hurt Locker”)

Bigelow: take that ex-husband James Cameron *mushes him*

Lee Daniels face: “These white Mu’f&*(aZ

Best Picture: The Hurt Locker

yay! Anthony Mackie was in “The Hurt Locker.” We thank @thashadow for making us watch it


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