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Parlour MAVEN: Patricia DeJesus, Part Deux

Earlier this week we introduced you to Brasilian flygirl, Patricia DeJesus. Model, Actress, DJ and Parlour MAVEN. With a career that outlasts many other global starlets, Patricia sat down with us recently to talk about her career, Brasil’s entertainment industry, life and love. Check out the first part here, and see below for the rest!
Tell us a little bit about your role on the new upcoming Brasilian novela,”Uma Rosa Com Amor.”
I don’t know much yet with respect to the novela and I also can’t talk much about it right now. It’s called Uma Rosa Com Amor which means “A Rose with Love” and it’s written by Tiago Santiago. It’s an ambitious project because we’re going to be on a network that doesn’t have a history of doing novelas. But Tiago Santiago is a person that revolutionized Brazilian television. He was the first writer that won an award for having the largest television audience tune into a novela for Globo, so a lot of people are hopeful about this novela. My character is going to be a Nigerian who lives in Brazil, she’s a rich girl that studied at the best schools of the world. I’m not sure exactly where, but she studied in Europe and then came to live in Brazil. What I know and what I can say is that she’s going to have a really strong personality – very similar to mine and that she’s going to have a famous, older actress like a Sonia Braga, for example, as a role model in her life. My character will be the Sonia Braga character’s best friend.

Other than a new novela on the way, you’re also DJing alot. Is your official handle DJ Patricia Dejesus or Pathy Dejesus?

Pathy Dejesus is the DJ. Patricia Dejesus is the actress. It’s crazy, but it’s working because if you Google DJ Pathy Dejesus, it’s all stuff about me being a DJ, and if you Google Patricia Dejesus, it’s all stuff about me being an actress and a model.

Tell us about the journey to DJing. Describe learning with and from DJ Primo your late fiancé and becoming a celebrity DJ.

I started learning with Primo, but I could never get the hang of it. In Brasil, we have the saying ‘she was born with two left hands’ when someone can’t figure something out. So I forgot about it, thinking ‘I can’t do this.’ Then Primo* passed away [ in 2008 ] and I went for about four or five months without listening to any music. I couldn’t. When I tried to listen to my first song, I needed to hear it on Technics with a mixer. One day, I was looking at the Technics but didn’t have the courage to turn them on and listen. So, I took a record and put it on the turntable and thought ‘wait a minute, I think I can do this.’ Since that day, DJing has been my therapy. When I feel like I’m going to cry or be sad, I go to the Technics. When I go to parties to DJ, I feel the same way. For the first or second song, I’m nervous. But, after that, I never remember all of the songs or how I play. I never remember because I’m so connected. It’s like a protection that comes over me and I let go. Then, there’s the story of orange energy that I try to bring to myself and that I try to automatically pass on to the people. I don’t have any real technique. I need to learn more, but the feelings, the energy is there.

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