PLR EXCLUSIVE: Kidz In The Hall in the ‘Land of Make Believe’

Hip-Hop duo Kidz in the Hall, comprised of MC’s Double-0 and Naledge, are back at it with their third album “Land of Make Believe,” due out today (March 9). Remember we go way back with Double-O, so we had to give their new record a shout. Featuring production from super-producer Just Blaze , the Kidz also recruited MC Lyte, Marsha Ambrosius, Amanda Diva, Chip Tha Rapper, Donnis, and Colin Munroe. ” JukeBox,” their new video is currently spinning on MTV2 and the duo are in the midst of a 20 city tour, but Parlour caught up the guys to chat about more important things like unicorns, women-only clubs and Notorious B.I.G [RIP].

On their LP, “Land of Make Believe”…
Double-O: Land of Make Believe is the space between where you are and where you want to be. The space between your goal and where you stand  in your head, the dream is very real but its not realized yet. [The idea] applies to a lot of people.

Naledge: There are things that I envisioned would happen that actually have happened but not the way I dreamt. You want to be an overachiever but to what length would you go, and what sacrifice would you have to make before you look in the mirror and say ‘is this what I really want?’

On people’s misconceptions of their new  video for “Jukebox”…
Double-O: It’s  funny because when I saw a break down of the video — it was nowhere close to the treatment. Instead, it was like ‘really there’s a magical place with all girls?!’ The video is based on Naledge’s verses, which were about conversations between him and a female.

Naledge: A lot of times when I go out, I’m intoxicated and I don’t see men in the clubs, unless they are my friends that came with me. I only see women in clubs so when the director came to me with the treatment and [a concept where we’re talking to] nothing but women in the video, it was like  ‘yeah that how I see it anyway, that’s perfect.’

On working with Just Blaze:
Double- O: We brought the record, “Take Over the World,” to him to take it to that next level. From the original concept, the song was already going in one direction and I knew Just could properly execute it better than anybody. I played him the record, then I played him other records like ” Flickin” and “Traffic” that we recorded earlier on. I told Just ‘”Take Over The World” is the record you can really sink your teeth into so if you’re down I would like to work with you and finish it.’ It was a very easy conversation,  and an hour and half later it was done.

Future collaboration dreams:
Double-O: I would collaborate with Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis, Bjork.
Naledge: Marvin Gaye, James Brown, and BIG. If  I could have an honorable mention, it would be Pac. While I think I would have more fun in the studio with BIG because he seemed more laid back and that’s more like my vibe, but I would want Pac just to say I did something with him.
From the studio to the stage:

Double-O: Our tour is family (88-Keys, Izza Kizza, Donnis), we all work really closely with each other. Donnis’ manager, Stadium Dan, is our manager. It’s been in the works since the last tour we were on- so the line-up makes sense. It great cast of characters. We really wanted to carve a name for ourselves on the road and not just as an opening act for another artist anymore—we want to lead the pack.

By: Ashley Kershaw

Check the Kidz’ 20-city ‘Crowd Control Tour’ alongside 88-Keys, Izza Kizza and Donnis going on now! Check out “Jukebox” below…

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