PLR Links!

OMG DRAKE RELEASED A SONG!!! *sarcasm done* Download “Over” to the right…listen below. [UHTN!]


Art Deco galore! Marni’s a/w collection [BagSnob]

Fab’s new mixtape x DJ Drama “The Funeral Service” [MissInfo]

Naomi Campbell wants everyone to stop bothering her about the cell phone tossing. Nothing to see here… [Popeater]

New Basquiat film – we’re ready… [GAK!]

Been to mention this –the white sorority that did didn’t win that step competition. Tell ’em why you’re mad son. [Racialicious]

Balmain show- you know you want to see it. [Jezebel]

We like Jessica Simpson and we will watch her new VH1 show on global perceptions of beauty. Yeah, we said it. [Feministing]

A review by our friend Todd Martens of Little Boots new LP “Hands” [LAT]

I’m in LA and I’m going to check out Ooga Booga! [Heartymag]

I heart London…this makes me miss my rainy birthplace. [ATribeCalledNext]

The pep talk every over-achieving girl needs to read. [ClutchMag]

Spanx are now in briefs – gird your loins! [Nitrolicious]

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