PLR Links!!!

Badu’s “Gone Baby Don’t Be Long”…heart. [Herfection]


Need new jeans? Hillary does…join me in trying to find brown girl friendly pants! [Fashionista]

Dee-Lite x Claw Money! [Blogue]

Cam’Ron’s on twitter with a new account: @Mr_Camron. If it’s anything related to “Purple Haze” ensue. [MissInfo]

“Irreplaceable” on iPhone…and with a Korean accent. Holler. That girl is good! *claps* [Wimp]

Stefano Tonchi is officially the new W Magazine EIC in April. [BlayReport]

UK’s Ideal Home show, going on now. [ATribeCalledNext]

YES! Finally I’ve found the group for me. [SignIntoFacebookIt’sWorthIt]

Meet mastertheif Gerald Blanchard…then check your pockets. [WIRED]

We knew it…like Tupac…universities are channeling the cool of David Simon’s “The Wire.” [SLATE]

Is settling part of the struggle? A young woman ponders… [CLUTCH]

It’s a recession, so here’s a DIY t-shirt dress! Awesome! [Hearty!]

Preview of Kelis’ “Acapella”…is Pocahontas the theme of the year? Native Americans better be getting a cut of this trends. [ThatGrapeJuice]

Jennifer Villaruz x jewelry = domino bracelets. not bad. [GAK!]

“Flash Forward” recap! You know you wanna… [Racialicious]

Badu channels…that dog from Beck’s “Odelay” album cover. [Jezebel]

Disney wants your boobies, but only if they’re real, thank you very much. [Feministing]

And we want to attend this.

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