Scene: Gold Rush Awards 2010

Here in NYC, cocktail party fundraisers are as common as hot-dog carts so we tend to pass on most, but we always make an exception the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, and last week’s Gold Rush Awards did not disappoint. Held at the Red Bull Space, the honorees were Collette Blanchard, Elvis Mitchell & Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and Jamel Shabazz, which was guaranteed to bring together an eclectic crowd of artists, media makers, and socialistas, all there to lend their support. Mahogs and I were hype to meet and talk with Jamel Shabazz, and after being outbid in the silent auction, there was only thing that could make me happy—Salt & Pepa. In addition to Stephanie McKay, Cheryl and Sandy were on hand with DJ Cassidy to get the party going before heading home. Even if you can’t make it to the Hamptons for Russell’s Art For Life event (or can’t afford to) – look for the Gold Rush Awards next year. It’s fun and fab, and we’ll be there! Just don’t try to outbid me…

Salt & Pepa w/ DJ Cassidy (background)

Honorees: Elvis Mitchell & Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Collette Blanchard, Jamel Shabazz

Images: Ray Tamarra for WireImage

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