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Spanish Facebook Tuenti Drops Anti-Abortion Ad

There is a new law regarding abortion that will become active July 5 in Spain. Needless to say, the Catholic Church is wholly against it and the parishioners and priests are taking a new approach to campaigning. Moving beyond the traditional anti-abortion picketers and plastering billboards, which they have done in 37 cities throughout the country, anti-abortion supporters have also decided to utilize the advantages of social networks in hopes of capturing a new younger group of followers to join their crusade. Tuenti, the Spanish version of Facebook and an 8 million user database, decided to be the one site among various social networks, to pull the add, however not because of what you might think. Check out this link: http://www.elpais.com/articulo/sociedad/Tuenti/retira/campana/Iglesia/aborto/elpepusoc/20100322elpepusoc_7/Tes

Sometime during the later part of the day when the advertisement went live, Tuenti pulled the plug stating that the local Episcopal Conference of the Catholic church were utilizing their brand in a way which they weren’t comfortable. Tuenti isn’t necessarily pro or anti-abortion but they were ticked-off at the slogan used in the campaign, ‘’Es un tú en ti’’, which when read carefully or said out loud mimics the name of the company. Furthermore, the advertisers that designed the campaign utilized the same typography as the Tuenti brand. Ouch!

I can understand the los jefes at Tuenti feeling misled and not necessarily wanting to be affiliated with such a controversial subject but who was la idiota that approved the campaign in the first place?

-Espana Fly

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