Tinie Tempah – My New Cougar Crush

Ladies and gents, meet Tinie Tempah. His debut track “Pass Out” shot straight to number 1 in the UK charts last week, and is likely to remain there for another week. This track is HOT. And it’s been a while since music industry bods have been so excited about a new artist and a new track. I mean seriously, every time I hear it I can’t help but bust a move — the beat is infectious. Listen out for the drum and bass bit at the end. Loves it!

Anyway, dude looks hot in the video (see link below). And he’s very eloquent, and sounds delightful when being interviewed. He also adores his mum and dad. So imagine my devastation when I realised he’s only 21. I’m almost 10 years older. So I’ve decided, that if he’ll have me — I’ll gladly join the Cougar Club for him.


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