UK Elections 2010: Who’ll Be In Charge In May?

Come May, one of these three men will be in charge of Britain. It’s election time, yay! The man on the left is our current Prime Minister, Labour’s Gordon Brown. The one in the middle is the Conservatives’ David Cameron, the one on the right is the Liberal Democrats’ Nick Clegg.

Although Gordie hasn’t formally announced the date, we all assume it’ll be in May. So will he have to box up everything and move out of No. 10 Downing Street? Or can he redecorate for another term in office? Well we’ll know in a couple of months. It’s not like the long and showbiz-like process of the American elections unfortunately… it’s quick and quite dull really. Quintessentially British.

The only thing which could inject a frisson of excitement is they’ve all finally agreed to take part in a televised debate (which I know the Americans have been doing for years) — so it’ll be nice to see how they fair in a public arena like that. Although I suspect that’ll be quinessentially British with everyone on their best behaviour. Sigh.

Will keep ya posted.

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