Weekend Watch It! “Her Name Was Steven”

Here at Parlour, we love and support everybody. Gay, straight, Bi, Cablinasian & Questioning—as long you bring bubbly and good vibes, we’re happy. In the spirit of one nation under champagne, we invite you to watch the documentary “Her Name Was Steven” this weekend. I took a look at the trailer today and will admit, I’m impressed with anyone who has the courage to undergo any type of major change in public, especially when sex & gender transitions are still foreign to so many, leading to often negative responses. In the case of Steven Stanton, he lost his job as the city manager of Largo, Florida after he announced that he would like to continue his career, and his life, as a woman. She is now Susan Stanton, and is finally sharing her story that put her in the middle of a media circus while she was in the middle of her coming out process, to the world and to her family.

Whether you agree with her decision or not, often times we never get to see the personal process of sex and gender (they really are two different things) transitioning from such a personal view which is why we want you to watch. Viewers get an intimate look at Stanton’s life, from her childhood journals about how she felt there was a woman inside of him, to how it is for her and her family to her new life.

Directed by David Timko, “Her Name Was Steven” was screened at numerous film festivals to high praise and is now making it’s television debut on CNN this both this Saturday and Sunday—check for it!

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