10 Minute Style – Shed Some Light on Your Closet

shedlight.jpgAs personal shopper to some of the busiest woman in the world, my style philosophy is that a woman should be able to get dressed in 10 minutes for any occasion. Loving the clothes you have and consistently developing a wardrobe that meets your lifestyle is the key to being able to dress quickly. I believe style is personal and unique to the individual. I love fashion but as trends fade, style remains everlasting.
Let’s start with one of the first steps to 10 Minute Style by shedding some light on your closet.
When I say shed light, I mean the light of reality. Most people have a fantasy wardrobe packed away in their closets. These are the items that distract you and make you feel like you have nothing to wear. The goal is to create a wardrobe of wearables that make getting dressed stress-free, without forgoing personal style and confidence.

10 Minute Style technique #1: The Closet Makeover in six easy steps.

1. Choose two outfits you wear all the time and ask yourself why you like these outfits. Is it fit, comfort, color or the many compliments you get when you wear it? This is your “Style Map.” You should feel powerful and confident in these outfits.

2. Take everything out of your closet that is uncomfortable. If it is too tight, itchy or just plain ugly, it goes — no matter the cost or the gift giver. Remember comfort and fit are the key words here. You should never wear anything that is uncomfortable and makes you fidget, it is distracting to your audience and takes away your power.

3. What ever is left group it up: all pants, all skirts, all dresses, all suits, all blouses, etc. This step is like cooking — now you have the ingredients to create outfits based on styles and occasions.

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