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Sex is one topic that will never get old.  “Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women” is one of the few spaces where African women — and the partners they invite into their bedroom — can talk, share experience and learn from each other on a range of issues concerning African women and sexuality. Each issue will have snapshots of recent posts from the increasingly popular website.

Check out some of them below:

Good Christian Girls Don’t Have Sex…

I am a virgin, always have been, but hopefully — cross my fingers and praying fervently! — I will not always remain so. Growing up, the main reason I held onto my virginity was because of my religious beliefs. “Good Christian girls don’t have sex if they aren’t married,” was drummed into my head from all angles – in Church, in school and at home.

The constant pressure to not have sex, put my virginity on a pedestal. Abstinence was the be all and end all of Christianity and the proud label of a “good girl.” So, being a good girl and wanting Jesus to be proud of me — I have always been somewhat of a pleaser, you see — I have remained completely abstinent.

Yes, I am still a virgin.

Then I got out of Ghana and relocated to the United States. In this liberal, wholly different cultural and social environment, I began to think about and the research different views and opinions and ended up coming up with valid reasons for my beliefs. I am still a virgin, but at least now, its something I’ve chosen for myself rather than something that was forced upon me.

By: Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah


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