How Steeler Ben Roethlisberger is Making Female Football Fans Choose

I’m really happy that I’m not from Pittsburgh. I can’t imagine being a woman and continuing to root for a team with an accused rapist playing quarterback.
Female Steeler fans are going to have to deal with this reality moving forward, unless something changes, and the Rooney’s get rid of this “problem.” Every Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers, who’s head coach has a four year old daughter, and who’s fan base is one-third female — the LARGEST of any team in the NFL — will trot out a guy who has now been accused, though not charged, of rape twice in the past eight months.
Doesn’t that make you feel some kind of way? It kind of makes me angry. Evidently, since he hasn’t been charged with anything, discipline from the team and the league just aren’t things we can expect to see. Interesting, considering how quickly the hand of NFL justice laid the smackdown on players like Adam “Pacman” Jones and Larry Johnson.

Roethlisberger has said and done all the wrong things in this situation. He seemed extra arrogant during his brief “statement” and didn’t appear to understand the gravity of just the accusations alone.

So what happens on Sundays this fall when he stands under center? Do you cheer for him and forget the off field drama? Does a Super Bowl turn him into the same old Big Ben the city knew and loved? What would Troy Polamalu’s hair do?

It works out great for me — I’m a Jets fan, and the Steelers choosing to rid themselves of the other player on the team with legal issues puts me in a shiny happy place. I will be glad to see Butterfingers Braylon get some help, but damn, if I was from Pittsburgh?

Not only do I lose my number two receiver, I’m stuck rooting for a guy who might, in a drunken moment decide to overpower someone I know — and rape her.

It ain’t easy being steel right now. I don’t know how the ladies are going to deal with this during the season, but I’m hoping this all works out for the best in the end for all involved, and the female fans especially. You shouldn’t be forced to choose like this.

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