NewsBites – ABC Hates Lane Bryant, New Young Jeezy Video + More

Hm…heard last week that ABC said no to Lane Bryant’s commercial selling plus-sized undies, but yes to Vicky’s Secret. No size 16 love? [Gothamist]

Young Jeezy’s new clip after the jump. Enjoy! [OnSmash]

Let’s say you’ve become a freelancer extraordinaire during this last 15 months. Banks probably won’t give you that loan…even though you’re working. [WalletPop]

Looking for Mother’s Day ideas? Check out this 20 percent discount on bags. [BagSnob]

Arizona…what else can we really say. [NYT]

I know we haven’t talked about Mugabe over in Zimbabwe for awhile, but it looks like his Bishop, like Mugabe himself, has been dismissed but refuses to leave. [GlobalPost]


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