NewsBites: Tiger’s Loss, Fergie Covers Elle, U.S. Prez Obama’s Nuclear Plant, Somali Pirates, Pope Benedict XVI’s Problem

Sex addict (?) Tiger Woods reappeared at the Master’s golf tournament this weekend. It was painful to watch, Phil Mickelson won. [TerezOwens]

Fergie covers Elle, you know she’s my favorite dubG. I still hate “Good Night” or whatever it’s called though… [Stylelist]

More than 40 countries are expected to support U.S. President Obama’s plan against nuclear theft. [Guardian]

My Somali pirates hijacked a Turkish vessel, then changed their minds and left it. I love them. [BBC]

“The allegations continue to mount.  A front page story in The  New York Times on Saturday reported that in the mid-1980s, Pope Benedict XVI, when he headed up the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, signed a letter that delayed the defrocking of a uniquely sadistic pedophile priest who tied up and abused young boys in a California church rectory.” [GlobalPost]


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