Nicki Minaj No Longer on Tour with Rihanna, Ke$ha

We can’t say we’re too sad about  Nicki Minaj canceling her spot on the Last Girl on Earth tour run with Ke$ha, but seeing her alongside headliner Rihanna would’ve been fun!
Aw well.
The Queens MC shared via Twitter today that she will not be appearing on the much hyped tour with RihRih so that she can focus on completing her upcoming debut as-yet-untitled album. “Barbz I’m sorry 2 say I will not be going out on RiRi’s tour. I’ve decided 2 use that time 4 the completion of my album. Hope u understand,” she tweeted this afternoon.
Do you ladies think that maybe the lackluster response to her first single, “Massive Attack,” had anything to do with this change? Or did her label Universal realize that they better capitalize on her wild popularity?


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