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Photographer Paula Ospina’s ‘De Lo Efimero y El Cambio’ Exhibition

Today, I took a morning stroll for some fresh air and a warm croissant after a deep sleep that left me feeling more groggy than rested. Luckily, on my way back from my favorite baked goodies spot, Buenas Migas, I took a slightly different route home and stumbled upon Galeria Tagomago. In fact I’d seen the space before but never stopped until now. The reason? My photographer friend Paula Ospina has a new exhibition up, ”De Lo Efimero y El Cambio”, and I needed a little inspiration during yet another dreary gray Barcelona day. That story about endless sunshine in BCN is a myth, by the way.

The exhibition was just the distraction I needed. My friend Paula’s tranquil yet powerful work told me to breathe deeply, exhale and find my center. I usually walk through the city listening to my iPod, its my personal soundtrack to the streets of BCN. However today I plucked the plugs from ears and tucked away my music machine while perusing the gallery. Listening to Paul Weller’s “Into The Sinking” just didn’t seem appropriate and besides I wanted to hear what Paula was trying to say through the images.

I heard, I saw and I loved. Paula’s work encompasses themes dealing with serenity, personal reflection and spirituality. Regardless of whether you ”know about art,” her work transmits these messages of relaxation flawlessly and I would say the pieces speak to the art lover and/or art newbie equally. I fell in love with a few of the pieces that I want for my own. Hopefully I can talk the novio into snatching up at least one.

To see Paula’s work, visit her site:  www.paulaospina.com

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