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Pillow Fight Anyone? – Barcelona’s Flashmob

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Things got out of control last Saturday in Placa Cataluyna but I wasn’t an eye witness and I’m peeved.

It wasn’t another case of domestic abuse or a racial hate crime — thank goodness — but something a lot more lighthearted. A flashmob was organized in BCN along with other international cities that participated in global pillow fight. I was sipping my way through La Rioja, you’ll read up on that in my next post, meanwhile city inhabitants that didn’t dash off for Spring Break smacked one another upside the head with hundreds of inexpensive Ikea coixins, which is Catalan for pillows. The rumble started just after lunch and went on through the evening making its way down Las Ramblas littering the famed street and central plaza with white plummage. There were reports that clouds of down floated in the air until the ruckus came to a rest.

I just had to share this because it was uplifting change of pace from the depressing news reports of late about record unemployment and the overall unhappiness that Spain’s experiencing because of the economic crisis. I might add that usually, Placa Cataluyna is the gathering site for manifestaciones in the city but on Saturday no one was se esta quejando about how f-ed up things are but for once, smiling and enjoying a simple pleasure that we all at one point or another as children enjoyed… a good ol’ pillow fight.

Sad to say, there was little news about the event though in the papers or on local news channels. Along comes good news, positive news, silly news and las noticias pass on it for some unknown reason. I bet a million euros that any psychologist would tell you that the action probably had a cathartic affect on the mood of the people participating as well as onlookers. In any case, thanks to  Que! I can share the ONLY national newsreport or this zany event here: http://videos.que.es/informaciondecontenido.php?con=136296

Enjoy and I’ll be back with a round up of bodegas ya better see when in Rioja.

-Espana Fly

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