Sicka x PLR – MAC Spring Colour One Forecast ‘Perfect in Pink’


For Spring 2010, MAC Cosmetics identified four major color trends, the first of which is an emphasis on pink hues, particularly cool, purple-tinged colors. A bevy of pink, rose, mauve, violet, lilac, and lavender in various blends and intensities are incorporated into the MAC’s Spring Colour 1 Forecast. Check out all the products in the collection, as well as some swatches, below!

BLUSH OMBRE (pict’d above):
This blush features a gradient color scheme, ranging from a soft blue-tone pink to a mid-tone lavender purple shade. When blended together, the blush takes on this delicious, lavender magenta shade that makes you think of freshly picked blossoms and adds a dewy rosiness to your cheeks. This is one of my new must-have blush shades for spring.

MAC Blush Ombre in Azalea Blossom, $25. Visit

Here’s what the blush looks like on skin (note that it’s been blended thoroughly):




Pink lips never go out of style, but they’re definitely in full effect this season. MAC explores the nuances of the shade in this collection, with four limited-edition hues: Bubblegum, a creamy light pink that literally reminds you of a wad of Bubblicious gum; Phlox, an extra sheer light pink hue; Laugh A Lot, a lustrous mauve pink; and Pink Burst, a Malibu Barbie-ready shade of pink.

I checked out both the Bubblegum and the Pink Burst lipsticks and enjoyed both hues though, again, they’re not revolutionary, inventive color derivations. Still, they’re versatile and great for everyday use.

MAC Lipstick, $14. Visit MACcosmetics

Check out what the Bubblegum and Pink Burst lipstick colors look like on the skin:


Peep the rest at!

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