Showtime’s ‘The Real – Non-Ethnic – L Word’

So if you know us, you know that we love(d) The L Word,” even when the show sucked and we wanted to strangle each and every character one at a time. But now that the reality show spin-off, “The Real L Word,” is set to premiere on the same network, Showtime, I’m a little confused…because apparently, there are NO engaging, successful, brown-skinned lesbians/bisexual women…at all…or in West Hollywood or California even. Actually there are none at all. However, there are plenty of white and singular Latina women who look like they should all be in a Dove ad.

*Shrugs Shoulders*

Oh! And the trailer is after the jump. No brown lesbians/bisexual women there either — in case you were wondering. Seriously, this sucks since the original show all in all kinda sucked and now the producers are transitioning from suckiness to just plain doucheness…wait, does it suck that I’m using the diss “douche” in association with a post about women? Maybe not since douching does really suck for your vagina.

Argh, blame it on jet lag.


image courtesy of Showtime Networks Inc.

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