Dhani Jones on His Favorite Food, Sports and Women

After one season of roaming the world, Cinncinati Bengal Dhani Jones is back for another round of his Travel Channel show, “Dhani Tackles The Globe” which returns tonight, April 19, in the U.S. Traipsing through countries like Croatia, Nepal and Senegal this go round, who knows what Dhani will find but we do know that we’ll enjoy watching! The brown bomber checked in with Parlour about his top five favorite international meals and gave us advice on traveling safely, because being the global ladies we are, a refresher is always appropriate.

Top Five Dishes

1. Boui, Senegal

In Senegal I had this drink from a baoab tree called Boui and it was really good.

2. Steak, Italy

In Italy, there was a restaurant, I forget the name, but I ended up ordering the best steak I’ve ever eaten in my whole life. You could eat the meat with a spoon. It was beautifully cooked and absolutely magnificent. I doubt I’ll ever have another steak as good unless I go back to Bassano del Grappa.

3. Haggis, Ireland

I thought it was good, most people don’t but I’m already a hash type of person. I like corned beef hash, although it’s mixed up with all those different things, I especially love it with some hot sauce. It’s so good! And yes, there was hot sauce in Ireland! There’s hot sauce everywhere, come on!
4. Jerk Chicken, Jamaica

The jerk chicken was awesome.

5. Grappa, Italy

I’m back to Italy again, but their wine, called Grappa was amazing.

On How To Eat Safely While Traveling…

The most important thing to remember when you’re traveling, go to the places that everyone else goes. Don’t be the only one going somewhere and that’s the easiest way to look at traveling safely. For example, if you’re considering a restaurant and no one is there, don’t eat there! People know good food, even if it’s on the side of the road. Always go to the place where the lunchtime crowd is packed in.

On His Favorite Sport…

My favorite sport is cricket, which I played in Jamaica, and I think the game gets a bad rap. It’s like baseball is such a big sport in America but I never really liked it and I thought something was wrong with me. Then I found cricket and I loved watching it! The game moves faster than baseball, though it’s kind of similar, but there are so many more opportunities for people to score points. Instead of one game going on for five hours, cricket games can go on for three-to-five days! I love it.

On What He Looks For in a Woman…

I like a woman that cooks for me, that’s number one. I like a woman with international flavor, who’s understanding. She has to be intelligent, athletic, open-minded, giving, and well-traveled. I’m not coming to the table with nothing, I can speak two languages — English, Spanish and a bit of French — and I’m working on several others. I’m well versed on multiple topics, from politics to education, and I’m athletic, obviously, open-minded and, I think, well-dressed.

On The Common Thread He’s Notices While Abroad…

People are always surprised that a black American is travelling. They always say ‘We don’t see alot of guys like that.’ That reaction is part of the reason why I wanted to do “Dhani Tackles The Globe.” I hoped people saw the show, and were encouraged to travel. Many of the stereotypes we have of others — and others have of us — won’t change until we get out and go somewhere!

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