Alica Keys Confirms Pregnancy, Announces Engagement

And the sky is also blue.

Watching ‘Wendy Williams,’ like I do every morning, I learned that Swizz’s divorce became official either last or the week before. Today, I learned that AKeys is four months preggers…and engaged.


I know every relationship is different, and each time I’ve met Swizz, he’s seemed like a really nice guy. Alicia’s always seemed classy, however, this situation right here? I have a bad taste in my mouth. Mashonda, Mashonda, Mashonda… she wasn’t crazy for being upset with these two. Imagine you aren’t even divorced and another chick is preggers with your soon-to-be-ex’s child? If this was Jerry Springer, the crowd would be screaming all kinds of expletives at AK. Their drama has almost ruined my ability to be a pure fan, even Kanye doesn’t make me feel like this, and I’ve wanted to punch him on several occasions.

And now, I feel bad for loving the “Unthinkable” clip and it is the jam!

Am I crazy? How do you feel about Akey’s announcement? Make you more of a fan, less of a fan?


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  • Ricki

    I was never a huge fan of hers. She’s a talented artist, but her music (and voice) just never spoke to me.

    On all this foolishness, while I do believe affairs of the heart are difficult to understand, even when you are in the thick of it, I strongly believe married is married is married. There are no two ways about it. If their relationship is genuine and real, they could have WAITED until a divorce was finalized. Now we have a situation where an ex-wife and MOTHER is left to pick up the pieces ALONE in a situation that could have been handled better.

  • I remember seeing a post the other day elsewhere that was talking about the shade thrown at Beyonce while others like Alicia have been able to escape criticism notwithstanding the fact that she’s been involved in fuckery like this. I think it’s because we’ve bought what Keys has been selling for years: deep, soulful, introspective ARTIST. She plays the piano for goodness sake!!! I mean the collective “we” by the way, cuz I been spit out that KoolAid.
    Strange that she’s running the I Am A Superwoman site and campaign. What message does she send? Love your man, but wait until he stops being someone else’s first. Tsk.

  • krankin

    Ricki, you are all up in my head! I have always felt the same way about her; I understand—on an intellectual level—that she’s talented, but she just doesn’t move me. Now, I have zero respect for her and the way that she (and that fool) have handled this situation.

  • KaramelDee

    The same way she got him is the same way she going to loose him! (Sorry for that outburst) I must admit that I was a fan of AKeys, but when I heard about all of this, I looked at her (and her music) in a different way. And not that its all her fault, but I could really care less about Swizz.