Alica Keys Confirms Pregnancy, Announces Engagement

And the sky is also blue.

Watching ‘Wendy Williams,’ like I do every morning, I learned that Swizz’s divorce became official either last or the week before. Today, I learned that AKeys is four months preggers…and engaged.


I know every relationship is different, and each time I’ve met Swizz, he’s seemed like a really nice guy. Alicia’s always seemed classy, however, this situation right here? I have a bad taste in my mouth. Mashonda, Mashonda, Mashonda… she wasn’t crazy for being upset with these two. Imagine you aren’t even divorced and another chick is preggers with your soon-to-be-ex’s child? If this was Jerry Springer, the crowd would be screaming all kinds of expletives at AK. Their drama has almost ruined my ability to be a pure fan, even Kanye doesn’t make me feel like this, and I’ve wanted to punch him on several occasions.

And now, I feel bad for loving the “Unthinkable” clip and it is the jam!

Am I crazy? How do you feel about Akey’s announcement? Make you more of a fan, less of a fan?


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