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Barcelona’s Prebret Serves a Delicious Dinner… in Bed

Image and video hosting by TinyPicLast night I took part in an awesome foursome — a pareja (couple) double date. The conversation was invigorating and the company divine, however it was the delicious Chilean cuisine that had us all shuddering with excitement.
Since I was the instigator of the night’s event I was responsible for selecting our rendevous point. For months I’ve wanted to try a place called Prebret since I read a write-up on the cosy spot on Barcelona By Us. I took advantage of our little cita  to reserve the best table in the house – a four-top that is outfitted like a bed. Two fluffy pillows. Check! Iron-work headboard. Check! Vintage chandelier. Check! It was tucked in a corner but strategically close enough to the bar so when our first bottle of Chilean Chardonnay was emptied our waitress was within ear-shot to hear our pleas for seconds, pleeese!

The menu at El Prebret  is minimal but bursting with tasty Chileno platos. We started off  with the ceviched egustacion that included a citrus-infused medley of salmon, white fish and crab. In between spoonfuls of the seafood salsa, we munched on fresh plantain chips. Then we dove into our second surprse known as patatas chilenas.

We didn’t know what that meant.

Nor did it matter because we scraped the platter clean of what was actually baked potato with artichoke hearts.  Our main courses didn’t disapoint either. My seared tuna with quinoa and cranberries was more than pleasing to my pallate. The boys, growled happily at their poco hecho ternera con puree de patatas and girl number two savored every veggie bite of jolly green giant ensalda de cabra.

The dessert was almost better than sex — almost is the key word here! Pareja numero uno had the cheese cake which they gave five stars. The novio and I had a tarta that can best be described as a slice of dulce de leche heaven. Thin wafer piled high one on top of the other with heaps of dulce de leche, chocolate and strawberries in between the layers. Oh yes!

Prebret gets my vote as one of the best off-the radar date spots. I’m not sure if its crowded on the weekends but last night it was quite mellow which added to the romantic atmosphere and ideal location where you can dine and actually hear yourself talk or in the case of a date, here your sweetie whisper sweet nothings into your ear.

If you find yourself in Barcelona, definitely check them out: Prebret, Calle Roselló 197

-Espana Fly

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