Dough Boy Fresh – Ice Cube

For some, he is the good-natured round the way guy from “Are We There Yet,” but for many 25+ Parlouristas, Ice Cube is our first crush/favorite N.W.A Member/OG Raiders Representative. For East Girls like me, Ice Cube was the ultimate LA bad boy that we proudly saw grow from the recording studio to the film set. Sean Gregory from TIME Magazine recently sat down with O’Shea Jackson to talk Raiders, rap and his new documentary Straight Outta L.A., produced by and set to debut tonight on ESPN.

My fav part:

You guys scared a lot of white folks, but at the same time, you introduced a lot of them to hardcore rap. A large part of that population picked up on it and wanted to imitate you. Think that’s an accurate assessment?
Yeah. You know, it’s the thing where America loves the outlaw, the gangster, from Billy the Kid to Al Capone. It’s something that America feels very romantic about. It was the same thing with us. We were saying the things people wanted to say. Everybody wanted to say “F___ the police” all around the globe. They finally said the things we wanted to say. The world to me is a lot more outspoken because of N.W.A. Would you have The Osbournes? Would The Sopranos make it to television without N.W.A. saying “F___ it” and having that be in pop culture? Because the only people who were talking like us were comedians. Our records, if you have a dark sense of humor, were funny, but our records weren’t about comedy. They were about protests, fantasy, confrontation and all that.

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image: Estevan Oriol

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