Esquire’s Best Dressed Real Man: The Parlour Review

Since it’s inception, the annual Best Dressed Real Man contest by Esquire Magazine has been a chance for that ultra-stylish gent in your life to show his sartorial confidence to the world. It’s also a reason to wake up to about 14 emails from “friends of friends” encouraging you to vote for the guy who they are supporting. The top 25 semi-finalists have been announced and now these guys (and their email/twitter/facebook happy friends) are going for the win, but to make it easy for you—here are sone of my Parlour picks! Also, there is a total bonus factor and looking at these guys get their “model” on for their images. Congrats to all 25 of them for their collective freshness.

Above Left:

Name: Wale O.*

Representing: Philly, PA (by way of Nigeria)

Age: 29

Why We Like Him: He’s consistently sharp, but something about him keeps him accessible with his style. Maybe it’s the socks? We also liked his style inspiration : “There was a time when the average American man made a genuine effort to dress well before he left his home…many of the Japanese (and gentlemen in other countries) still embody this sentiment…. I left was floored by average guys who were just on their way to work was more than an inspiration; it was an awakening”

Check out his profile and vote for him ->> HERE

*Ok, full writer’s disclosure. Wale, is one of my associates and former client, he was hella stylish then too.


Above Right:

Name: Zeph C.

Representing: NYC, NY

Age: 20

Why We Like Him: Zeph’s smile makes us think he is the kind of guy you want to have a party with. Aside from being a natural Matthew McConaughey deadringer (with sunglasses on), to have this kind of style at age 20 is impressive. We can just see him giving us his seat at Habana Cafe on Elizabeth and then offering us a Jarritos while we wait at the bar and admire his jeans/belt/jacket coordination. All because he’s just that guy. Extra credit – he is totally bringing Ginger back.

Check out his profile and vote for him ->> HERE


Name: Jason

Representing: Hartford, CT

Age: 24

Why We Like Him: Jason’s profile proves that you can take it high, or you can take it low—and you can look good while doing it. Only drawback? He appears to have about 2 pairs of jeans, but we can work with that. But any man that shops at Marshall’s is a friend of ours. Deal seekers always turn us on. Not to mention Steely’s predisposition for bald-headed guys from Connecticut.

Check out his profile and vote for him ->> HERE


Name: Aristotle V.

Representing: Midwest

Age: 19

Why We Like Him: Posing with an axe aside, we are giving Aristotle props off of his photoshoot he did (if these are natural shots of him, there is a problem) alone. Actually, I guess we are giving his photographer props. Regardless, at 19 he knows what works for him and his height which is impressive. We could have coffee. Also, his style inspiration is equally awesome – women!: ” My grandmother and my mother have been a major influence on my style. I grew up with no father figure so they took it on themselves to teach my brothers and I how to be well-dressed, stylish, young men. I can’t imagine my style being anything close to what it is without them.”

Check out his profile and vote for him ->> HERE


Name: Robert R.

Representing: NYC, NY

Age: 32

Why We Like Him: Robert is a 8th-grade New York City history teacher, which means that he is already a superhero for many. Add the face that his look is equally flexible (check how he goes with/without facial hair, shaved head, etc) which means that he can keep up with even the fiercest fashionista and give great conversation—we like.

Check out his profile and vote for him ->> HERE


Name: Kamau H.

Representing: Southeast (so like…Atlanta?)

Age: 26

Why We Like Him: Like Jason, Kamau can go high to low with ease, yet still remain cohesive in his personal style. Plus, he can rock a scarf around his neck with a picnic basket and still look great, not easy. Basically, you never have to worry about what he’s gonna wear—major relief for any woman.

Check out his profile and vote for him ->> HERE


For the full run down, mozy on over to Esquire Best Dresed Real Man and check out the rest of the semi-finalists, and check out the rest of the guys who didn’t make the cut. It’s an entire afternoon of enjoyment.

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