Gucci Mane Has… Substance?

If you pay attention to things like the U.K. appointing a new Prime Minister in David Cameron or the Nigerian President Umaru Musa Yar’adua recently being found dead, then you probably didn’t realize that rap’s Southern star Gucci Mane was released from jail this morning. I’m not going to poo on his release — who ever wants to go to jail? — but I am going to giggle publicly.

Following his release, Gucci read a statement to news media clustered outside of the Fulton County Jail where the rapper’s been incarcerated for the last six months. Among other business, like all but confirming that he’d fired his seemingly unscrupulous manager Deb Antney, mother to “Ohletsdoit” MC Waka Flocka Flame, Gucci hit this snag:

“The rap game is in need of substance right now and I’m here for the streets right on time.”


I like Gucci, he’s entertaining as hell, from “Freaky Gurl” to “So Icey” and of course “Wasted,” he’s great to have in your iPod or club rotation while you’re drunk and wildin’ but substance? Just because Nas is fighting with Kelis and Andre 3000 is busy designing oxfords and cartoons, doesn’t mean we need you, Radric Davis, to fill the void.

I look forward to your new mixtape with DJ Holiday and the club hits from your new LP, “The Appeal,” but no false advertisement please. Next thing you know, you’ll be taking a mixtape cover referencing Malcom X or something.


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