Kelis Talks Style ‘Resume’

“I do think that the way someone dresses is kind of your calling card or your resume in a sense without speaking,” says Kelis in this clip above on her sometimes interesting fashion.
“I can’t say that I dress to provoke any kind of  thought. I really don’t care what  people think,” she continues. “I don’t ever have any regrets about anything I do. I mean- At the time it feels right, so that’s all that matters. I don’t get dressed thinking about my retrospect of like God am I going to think this is cool in 10 years? Probably Not, but today I feel damn good. That’s all I can say, y’know, I don’t ever look at it and say ‘I shouldn’t of done that.’ I might look at it and say that is not amazing today, but I feel at the time it felt right. And I think I dress really honestly-  I wear what I want to wear, and you can’t really fault that.”
Believe her? Check the rest of the clip after the jump!

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